We do your web stuff for you so you don't have to.

Web development

All our web projects use HTML5 for cross-platform compatibility and semantic markup. Video and audio content is delivered via native HTML5 applications, with Flash as a fallback technology for older browsers.

The appearance and visual effects of web projects are made with CSS3 without Javascript whenever possible. This gives the best client-side performance and user experience especially on mobile devices.


Drupal is our open source CMS of choice because of its security, reliability and extensive community support. Our main developer Mikko has 4+ years of experience working with Drupal-based web applications.


Drupal Commerce Based on the Drupal CMS, Drupal Commerce is easily the most versatile (and free!) e-commerce platform, and therefore our primary choice for your e-commerce needs. And because it's Drupal, normal website development and operation doesn't need to be burdened by the e-commerce "back office".

Magento Magento offers a mature out-of-the-box e-commerce platform, and has a free edition with community support. Advanced custom functionality can be slow and/or costly to achieve, and the included CMS is quite limited.

Note: Due to contractual reasons, we cannot currently engage in new e-commerce projects.



Android development